Meet Our People

Renae Withoos

Position: Business Administration Trainee

What does your role involve? My role as an Administrative Assistant involves me working with the Employee Relations and Training & Development teams. My role requires me to carry out duties such as running reception, switchboard, visitor inductions, telephone and face to face enquiries, maintaining training facilities, issuing site access cards, using Microsoft Office programs, booking meetings, reporting, filing and assisting the workgroup with day to day tasks.

What are some of the key skills needed to perform your job effectively? To perform effectively in this role, you are required to have graduated year 12 with a senior certificate. Having good literacy, language and numerical skills will assist you in this job role. It is also beneficial to have experience in Microsoft programs as well as being able to work in a team environment, provide customer service and work efficiently. However, having a general interest in business is a key factor that will help you to perform this role effectively.

What is the best thing about working at NRG? NRG has given me the opportunity to complete a Certificate III in Business Administration as well as gain knowledge and experience in different working departments. My involvement with NRG has definitely assisted me in choosing my future pathway. Also, NRG is a very welcoming and friendly environment where everyone is more than willing to help out.


Nelson Corones

Position: Electrician - Units Electrical

What does your role involve? Daily maintenance, diagnosis and repair of electrical/electronic equipment. Some of the equipment that I am currently working on includes electric actuators, high and low voltage motors and transformers, transmitters, thermocouples , solenoids, pressure switches, vibration sensors, boiler systems, hydrogen dryer, Control Systems, turbine/generator, lighting and power, and testing and tagging on electrical equipment.

What are some of the key skills needed to perform your job effectively? Some key skills needed are timekeeping, housekeeping, knowledge of electrical equipment, working as a part of a team, ability to fault find, able to work in a variety of work environments, high level of commitment to working safely and the ability to acquire new skills and knowledge. 

What is the best thing about working at NRG? One of the best things about working at NRG would have to be the wide range of electrical equipment to learn about, and work on, providing me valuable knowledge for my career.



 Andrew Lockwood

Position: Fitter and Turner - Units Mechanical 

What does your role involve? Maintenance on the boiler, units and fans.

What are some of the key skills needed to perform your job effectively? I have a trade certificate in Fitting and Turning. It is also useful to have a good knowledge of industrial sites and equipment (for example pumps, gearboxes, actuators and fans), which makes my maintenance work more efficient.

What is the best thing about working at NRG? The variety of work and the 36.25 hour week. NRG is also very family orientated.



Shelton Hayward

Position: Apprenticeship: Engineering Mechanical Trade (Fitting and Turning)

What does your role involve? Fitting a variety of different jobs, such as pipe work, motors, pumps, and actuators. My role also involves machining materials, some small welding jobs, checking and cleaning, and workshop maintenance.

What are some of the key skills needed to perform your job effectively? In this apprenticeship role, I have gained a lot of my skills by learning from other tradesmen at NRG. We also have online training to facilitate our learning, but I also found that I am picking up handy little tips that I have learnt for myself along the way. All this helps to become a good apprentice, and hopefully a good tradesman when finished.

What is the best thing about working at NRG? The best things about working at NRG is the variety of work you can be exposed to and learn from, whilst also working alongside some great workmates. There are also a number of social events offered that provide a great opportunity to meet others at NRG and socialise alongside some of your workmates.




“As I look back over my time at GPS I see over and over how wonderful the people here really are...the NRG family really has been like family to me. That culture of caring is what makes NRG GOS such a special and wonderful place to work—be proud of it!”

“I am very grateful to have been the recipient of the NRG Engineering Scholarship…Thank you for the generous contribution of NRG to my engineering studies over the past four years. NRG’s financial support enabled me to concentrate more fully upon my studies and hence I graduated in December 2012 with first class honours in Ocean Engineering. I believe that these results were a direct reflection of my being able to focus solely upon my studies. I also thoroughly enjoyed my work experience at NRG in 2009/2010. “

“I leave with a wealth of new experiences all of which will serve me well in my new role...I leave a group of skilled professionals whose dedication to getting it right is only surpassed by their respect for each other...I leave a place that when it comes to work/play balance gets it “not too hot, not too cold, but just right”. But most of all, I leave knowing I have worked with a great group of people that I can sincerely count as good friends.”

“The last 28 years have been the best years of my working life. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me over the years, thanks for all the kindness, the advice, the friendships, and most of all the good laughs.”

“I personally believe that NRG GPS is the best place I could have done my vacation placement at due to the accepting atmosphere and the caring, friendly nature of all the staff. During my short stint here at GPS, I have really garnered a greater appreciation for working within an industry. The people here are extremely friendly, and have made my time here enjoyable and something that I will look back on with nothing but praise.”