NRG Community Assistance Program

The company’s intention is to support and enhance the quality of life for members of the Gladstone community by providing assistance to disadvantaged groups, youth welfare, education, environmental programs and major community events.

NRG’s Community Assistance Program is an important part of the company’s broad program of community involvement. NRG aims to develop and maintain a positive relationship with the local community and to conduct business in a socially responsible manner.  NRG prefers to provide direct support to charitable organisations.  It does not provide assistance or sponsorships for club activities or individuals.  The program gives preference to organisations that will have a meaningful impact on the Gladstone Community.

The following table outlines the focus areas where NRG will provide financial assistance or sponsorship.

Focus Area Description
Disadvantaged Groups NRG supports programs that remove barriers to self-sufficiency and strengthen the institutions that serve them. This includes the economically or socially disadvantaged.

For example: physically and mentally handicapped persons, senior citizens, the aged and children.

Youth Welfare NRG supports initiatives that improve the health and welfare of young people. These programs promote long-term solutions and prevention efforts.
Education NRG supports education initiatives to improve school safety as well as activities that contribute to the development of science and technology especially among young people.
Environment NRG seeks to invest in activities that preserve natural resources and programs that provide hands on activities to improve the environment.
Community Events NRG supports major community events that strengthen community involvement and promote the values of equity, diversity and equality of opportunity for all people.

Making application for assistance

Requests for assistance are to be in the form of a written request and directed to:

The Executive Assistant
NRG Gladstone Power Station
PO Box 5046

Written requests should include information about the specific program or event, how the assistance will be used, who will benefit and a breakdown of the total cost.

As a general rule donations and sponsorships are not normally considered for:

  • Intermediary organisations (i.e. service clubs and sporting clubs who raise money for charity)
  • Sports and athletic programs
  • Appeals for individuals
  • Religious, political and veteran organisations
  • Travel, either by groups or individuals
  • Meetings and conferences

Community Policy

We at Gladstone Power Station will proactively manage our community expectations.

To us, the objective is to be recognised as an active community member. As a major employer in Gladstone we will contribute to the region where our people work and live to help it remain vibrant and healthy.