Online Inductions

NRG requires all persons entering our site to perform work to complete our online inductions. This includes contractors, delivery drivers, teachers, staff and students of the EQIP Engineering Skill Centre (EESC) and work experience students.

All Contractors and NRG Temporary Employees are required to complete the following online training modules unless specifically advised otherwise by the NRG Responsible Officer/NRG Supervisor:

  • Site access induction
  • Fire and Evacuation Training
  • NRG Confined Space Entry Awareness Training
  • Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) Training
  • Respiratory Protection Respirator Awareness Training.

If you are employed to work on an Overhaul, you will need to complete the specific Overhaul Induction.

Instructions for Accessing our Online Learning Centre:

  • Click on the link below and wait for the page to load and login.
  • If you are new to our Online Learning Centre, click on the signup button.
  • Fill in your details and ensure that you use a valid email address.
  • Once you have completed the signup process, login to access the inductions.
  • Please complete the Site Access Induction and the Fire and Evacuation Training.
  • If you require a personal lock to perform work on site, you will also need to complete the NRG Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) Training.
  • The following link will take you to our Online Learning Centre where you will be able to complete the inductions –

ONLINE LEARNING CENTRE TIP: If the courses above are not showing on the home page when you have logged in:

  • Go to the Course Catalog.
  • Select “Get this course” next to the course you wish to do.
  • Click on “Home” to return to the home page.
  • Your course is now in the list.

If you have not completed the inductions then you will not be allowed on site.