At Gladstone Power Station we proactively manage our environmental performance.

To us, our environmental performance is determined by the effort and contribution of our people, our business compliance with the law and a desire to reduce waste and manage emissions. We achieve this through operating efficiently and remaining focused on continuous improvement.

We ensure that environmental impacts related to the operation of the Gladstone Power Station are minimised through a range of best practice programs and by ensuring that waste products from the station are recycled or treated, monitored and controlled to avoid harmful effects on the environment.

As part of our environmental response strategy, we participate in the Port Curtis Integrated Monitoring Program, a joint arrangement with other industries to monitor water quality of the Port Curtis Waterway and the Clean and Healthy Air for Gladstone program to monitor air quality in the local region.

We conduct regular Environmental Awareness training and actively encourage all employees to consider energy consumption and protection of the environment in all their day-to-day activities and at home.

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