safety1.pngGladstone Power Station relies upon the involvement, support and behaviour of all personnel on site to reach our ultimate goal of zero injuries.

Our Principles:

  • All injuries and incidents are avoidable
  • Safety is everyone’s number one priority
  • As leaders we influence safety among others
  • Unsafe acts can be stopped by anyone
  • We learn, we get better
  • Caring for people means proactively preventing harm

Our Promises:

  • Place safety as the first item on all meeting agendas
  • Encourage employees to report all incidents in order to control and eliminate potential risks and hazards
  • Ensure that safety is maintained as a primary value of NRG
  • Ensure employees are trained and competent
  • Encourage all employees to extend their commitment to safety beyond the workplace
  • Comply with relevant occupational health and safety laws, regulations, industry codes of practice, licences and project requirements